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SVR SENSIFINE CREME SPF 50 - skin sensible with SPF - [pr,affiliate]

Wearing SPF all year round has been a habit I formed in my 20's, sun protection has developed so much through the decades and happily, more people see the sense in wearing protection all year round, rather than the standard "I wear when it's sunny", UV is present no matter what the weather, so, protect your skin, it's simple. SVR has become my protection of choice as this particular line has been developed for sensitive skin.

I apply a lot of SPF, the more the better, being sparse with a product like this is pointless, it starts as a white cream, obviously, the amount I apply I have quite a white covering, but, this dissipates to nothing and I just have a glow to the skin. I always take SPF down and round my neck and also my ears.
Reapplying is essential, which is fine if you're on holiday and going natural, with makeup I would recommend a spray or powder application of SPF to keep you topped up.
This anti-brown spot formula also works superbly for anyone suffering from temporary or permanent redness, hands up over here, there is no fragrance, preservatives, parabens, colourants or mineral oil within the formula.
Actives within the formula reduce redness and the appearance of blood vessels, the skin is also soothed and decongested with this broad spectrum photostable protection.

My personal preference is the thicker the cream the better, I love to feel the product on my face and residue I work into my hands. Having been fanatical about SPF, I lapsed last year, I was often in the garden, got carried away with weeding, planting etc and without a hat or SPF would spend several hours in full sun, I can't imagine what I was thinking, obviously I wasn't, because that's not like me, the sun broke up my pigmentation, maybe I felt that's what was needed, but I feel I paid the price. Leaving my skin open to the elements and unprotected I am certain the barrier was damaged, I used AHA's, Retinol, lactic, glycolic, the list is endless, I was depressed, stressed and in a bad place, all this and no SPF left me with sensitised and vulnerable skin which became red, blotchy with flaked areas and pustules at times. I was finally diagnosed with Rosacea at the end of 2018, although I had already self-diagnosed myself and started on the Rosacea care products, there are times I do wonder if it was and is more stress related, but, without SPF I left my skin with nothing to protect it at it's weakest.
SVR gave me confidence in a cream that would protect my skin SPF50, but, also soothe and not exacerbate my rosacea.
Creamy, easy to apply, clear once it has been blended into the skin, the perfect accompaniment for all seasons.

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