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EGYPTIAN MAGIC - the beauty tool in a jar [pr,affiliate]

When you think of a beauty tool, what picture enters your head? - makeup brushes, sponges, face tape, do you look at a jar of all-purpose skin cream and see a useful beauty tool? Well, let me show you the way with Egyptian Magic.

Egyptian Magic sits in its sturdy pot, pooled into a glossy silky consistency, the colour of honey, which is appropriate really as it contains beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, then add olive oil and you have all six of the 100% natural ingredients.
Warmed between the hands this cream/balm melts into an oil, which can be pressed over the face to hydrate the skin and if you love dewy this is the product for you. Egyptian Magic can be added to a foundation, used as a primer to give that 2019 glass/glossy finish to the skin.
Looking for natural brows, which is something I have always embraced, actually, I am lazy and the word natural is an excuse not to deal with them. I do use coloured brow gels, but they are often the wrong tone, so, this clear balm is perfect to comb through the brows, it holds them in place, gives a natural finish and precise shaping.
When you see that sheen to an eyeshadow, glossy highlighter or a dewy cupid's bow, this will make achieving that effortless, pat to the areas and you're done, beautiful glow to the makeup of even to the skin if you want the natural look. 
One of my favourite uses of this is to fill my lips in with liner and then add this over the top, it gives a great finish to the lips and you still benefit from strong colour.
With the evolution if selfies, the next use of Egyptian Magic may sound more catwalk, but, judging by the effort people make when snapping and sharing their holiday adventures, this a great product to give that sheen to limbs. Sunny beach snap and glossy limbs, think Elle Macpherson.

Egyptian Magic takes inspiration from Ancient Kamitiam folklore recalling the existence of miraculous skin cream, used secretly by mystics, magicians & healers to promote healthy, radiant and smooth skin.
I adore the versatility of this cream, it soothes, it gives the dewiest finish to the skin and it works superbly to add texture and light to various makeup looks.

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