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Whatever LOLA wants, LOLA gets [pr,affiliate]

My relationship with LOLA By Persehas become quite a collection in the midst of many collections, my makeup does appear to procreate and I refuse to acknowledge that I may be responsible, I prefer the idea that it magically happens, the makeup fairy waves her wand, "Oh look, another red lipstick".

Lola By Perse has become a reliable brand and very easy to use products, the lip pencils are soft, the matte lipsticks in the cutest packaging give a strong pigment and the softest lip application, the matte texture doesn't cake or dry hard on the lip.
With a large selection of mascara, they have one for every lash look you require and I still adore the Raspberry lipstick that is the most perfect pink shade, with attitude thrown in, it is sublime.

Now the exciting bit, the Extra Slim eyeliner, I'm rather fond of an eyeliner pen and this really has my hopes up, more to come and keep an eye out, no pun intended! for a Youtube tutorial featuring the newbies to my collection.
I am always happy to gain another brush to my collection and the finishing brush will certainly be useful, I don't have many that are of that shape and style.

Finally, the lovely people at LOLA are offering my readers 10% off all products on their website using the code Rouge10, do let me know what you choose.

  1. [ad] denotes products that I have been paid to feature.
  2. [pr] product sent, no payment received, for me to feature the item, purely my choice to review with no prescribed words from the brand or agency.
  3. [affiliate] - there are affiliate links or trackable links attached to this video, these earn me a few pence when clicked (these appear as or after listed products), certain links are not affiliated and are purely there for you to click and find the product information faster, these may be trackable links by the page.
  4. [sponsored] products or video has been sponsored by a brand or agency. 
  5. [bought/pr] - I have bought the items but had pr previously.
  6. [gifted] - sent by brand or pr for my own use and I’ve chosen to share it. May also be GWP or gift from a friend. 

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