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NO20 Protecting Dry Sheet Mask - facing up to skincare (pr/trackablelinks)

NO20 tested my skincare belief, face masks, are either in a jar, moisturiser like, waiting to be massaged onto the face, powdered masks need vessels, brushes and the scientific art of getting the measure of water just right to ensure a perfect mask, not too powdery, not too runny or they are folded neatly in envelopes with lots of gooey product and people are confused which way up they go and how to apply them. Then NO20 came into my life, at this point imagine Peter Kay, well, his voice, it's a dry mask, yes, a "dry mask", just how does this work? Read on...

This review was a long time in the reviewing, I feel it's an injustice to rush skincare and to use it hurriedly, it does the brand and the product a disservice, for me it's about embracing the whole product experience and this needed time. At last with a couple of hours to myself, it was opened and applied.
The NO20 Protecting Sheet Mask comes in a sealed foil envelope, this is then inside a cardboard envelope, so, the packaging, in my opinion, is excessive, but, I'm sure they are trying to eliminate any chances of the foil being punctured and the mask being damaged - still, a rethink needed.
It's so easy to get lost in the words of a product, infused, innovative, powerful, unique, however, this mask deserves these and many more, it really is quite lovely.
Such an easy item to use, dry to the touch, it makes the whole process a joy, no sticky product and manoeuvring the mask to contend with, the pack is clear that you use the pattern side of the mask to the face, with ear loops, this attaches easily and with a little facial massage you feel a slight change in texture.
The mask is comfortable and I would encourage you to lie back and relax, the texture of the mask is quite soft and very comforting, but, you can clean the bathroom floor if you must, that mask stays in place.

Each mask contains millions of micro-vectors containing the active ingredients, these are activated when the mask is massaged and start melting onto and into the skin, not only enriching but protecting the barrier. 
Leave for 15 minutes, remove carefully, this can be used a second time, amazingly, you feel and see the dewy texture to the skin, my face was soft and my dodgy forehead looked smoother thanks to the rejuvenating balm that counts shea butter, moringa oil, sunflower, rosemary amongst its active ingredients. My skin remained soft to the touch and less aggrieved (rosacea really dehydrates also), throughout the day.  
It really was a positive and very comfortable skincare experience, it's a duvet for skin, I also love that these are perfect to travel with, no worries about spillage, great to keep the skin hydrated.
There are four masks in the range for your skin's needs and I love that they have a second use, are clean to apply, fit nicely and stay put, yes, I see the benefit of going 'dry' with this part of my skincare routine. 

Find NO20 masks here 
or visit the lovely folk of Aqua Skin Cornwall - check out their Instagram here

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