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I have spent more years than I care to remember searching for brands that get me in a lather, in all the right ways. I need products to wash and clean my hair, then condition, all this and no fading the colour of my home coloured locks. 
I've tried plenty, with much success and now I have a favourite brand Hempz to try.

Hempz Original Herbel range has been developed for damaged and colour treated hair, the shampoo and conditioner are in squeezy tubes, dangerous for me as I will use far too much product. The shampoo is a matte gold tube and the conditioner gleams attractively in a shiny gold tube, not that I ever remember which is which!

The shampoo is creamy and smells fresh, floral and sweet, it lathers nicely, not that overly soapy consistency that's all foam and no substance, it really cleanses leaving my scalp feeling super clean and it washes away well. The conditioner is the texture of a good moisturiser, a little goes a long way, I apply from the middle of my head down and really work this into the ends of my hair. This is a conditioner with grip, it coats the hair, wash out thoroughly, when you think you've done enough, do it some more. Leaving the conditioner in the hair leaves mine flat, heavy and shine is dulled.

After several weeks, I adore the conditioner, using less than I think I need has been perfect for my hair, it washes away leaving it super soft, and it looks in better condition. The shampoo certainly cleans and leaves my hair shiny, but, it does pull the colour out, having tried it on my hair that has been dyed for several weeks and newly dyed, I can see a change in colour. I've found it works for me when I am planning to colour my hair and I use the shampoo to freshen my scalp and really clean my hair before a fresh colour application.

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