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Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub - beyond the skin (pr,trackablelinks)

Bodhi & Birch offer more than just beautiful products, they offer a journey for the mind and body. Rosemary Chi Himalayan Salt Scrub offers both in abundance, detox the body, refresh the skin and rebalance the mind.

Sleek black packaging houses this skin nourishing butter scrub, the lid unscrewed and lifted from the jar reveals a cacophony of essential oil fragrances with rosemary, geranium and cedarwood waving enthusiastically and immediately encouraging me to take a deep breath and feel the most relaxed I've done in months.   
Rosemary Chi is substantial as a body scrub, its buttery texture makes it the best, with a natural 'slip' to the product it glides onto damp skin and with the Himalayan salt crystals skin regeneration is stimulated, using circular massaging motions, always brush towards the heart, lymphatic flow is enhanced and the scent makes the whole routine calm, relaxing and sheer luxury. 

I always apply this in the shower and really work the scrub over my whole body, the skin conditioning and hydrating shea butter, grape seed oil and olive squalane ensure skin is protected and strengthened, the gleam to the skin is something to behold and my crocodile 'resembling' skin is transformed. 
The scrub may be rinsed off, but, Bodhi & Birch have a delightful suggestion, step into your bathtub (I don't take much persuading), soak in the warm water to dissolve the scrub and enjoy your detox soak. 
Bodhi & Birch offers a luxury experience, a ritual that leaves skin glowing and refreshed, the healing properties of many of the essential oils relax and rebalance the mind, anti-bacterial tea tree is perfect after a day in the garden, clary sage looks after my hormones, petitgrain works its anti-septic magic, it's also a lovely stress buster and in combination with a veritable feast of  ingredients, your well being is taken care of with this Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub.

Bodhi & Birch are powerful, in a real way, the finest ingredients, effective - result giving products and they make me stop, properly stop and live in that moment of using and applying their products. I stop that treadmill of life, switch off and focus on my mind, body and spirit, it's a rare gift, Bodhi & Birch achieve it with each drop of product, they offer it to every customer. 

Bodhi & Birch is a brand to cherish, your mind, face & body will thank you.

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