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The Somerset Toiletry Company - raising the bar 'of soap' (pr)

The Somerset Toiletry Company has raised the bar, I am talking a bar of hand soap, milled, scented and the perfect addition to any bathroom. I'm quite partial to 'proper' soap, just to hand, it's almost a time machine back to childhood when it was 'only' bars of soap everyone used, that tablet getting thinner, smaller until a slither of transparent goo lurked on the basin. I remember the joy of opening a new bar, it's the simple things we often forget to seek pleasure in. Well, this Verbena scented square was my toiletry pleasure.

The Verbena Soap Bar is hand wrapped, a stunning print adorns the packaging and as much as I 'needed' to leave it in its perfect envelope, well, just for you I opened it, you need to see the clean white bar with bevelled edges and the sharp embossed logo, it all adds to the suds appeal.

Unwrapped this square soap throws verbena into the ether and it smells lovely, use it under warm running water and the scent intensifies, a grassy citronella fragrance wraps around the hands, with shea butter added this soap leaves hands soft and smooth. Follow with the Luxury Verbena hand cream and you're in hand heaven (review coming of that gorgeous cream).

Never say 'it's just a soap', quality soaps are a scent journey, a memory of times gone by, of Great Aunts using soap to scent clothing drawers, this enveloped Savon from The Somerset Toiletry Company is a square of milled loveliness, a vegetable soap that's not only animal friendly (not tested on them), but, bathroom friendly most definitely.

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