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Emma Hardie Moringa Light Cleansing Gel (pr, affiliatelin)

Let's talk cleansers, Emma Hardie has reigned supreme for many years within my bathroom. I have strayed, been unfaithful and dared to scrape a spatula in the jar of a competitors cleanser. After all this, the Moringa Balm cleanser has remained a favourite and for good reason, it works and my skin loves it. So, you will guess my delight when I had the opportunity to receive pr of the new launch from the brand, the Moringa Light Cleansing Gel - the perfect product launch in celebration of the brand's 10th Birthday.

There is nothing finer than to experience a cleanser that fits into morning and evening skincare routines, this fits like a glove, freshening the skin first thing in the morning, it fits perfectly for a first cleanse in the evening, dissolving, lifting and softening makeup and SPF, as a second cleanse this leaves skin soft, smooth, refreshed and hydrated, it couldn't be better.
This vegan-friendly cleansing option is the new addition to the Moringa family, a lighter alternative to the stupendous cleansing balm, both are "spa in a jar" products, this contains key ingredients Moringa, grapeseed and sweet almond oil to support the skin, Omega 6, vitamin e and essential fatty acids smooth and leave that soft to the touch feel that is synonymous with Emma Hardie cleansers. Sea Fennel extract supports the skin's barrier function, which is a huge necessity for me, as mine has been compromised, anything that offers extra help I embrace, also this ingredient restores the water balance and finally, Moringa Seed peptides fight pollution and purify the skin, this cleanser certainly leaves a healthy glow to the skin.

This soft jelly consistency has the familiar light soft citrus fragrance, blended onto wet or dry skin the addition of water emulsifies the cleanser and gorgeous fresh, clean and balanced skin is yours. This offers an effective cleanser with the lighter touch and you could remove this in the shower if you're super rushed in the morning, ideal applied and left for several minutes, I often use it as a quick mask on those hectic days.
I must declare my dislike of removing makeup with a microfibre cloth, you don't have to use the cloths provided, I always reach for a towelling or muslin option, they are as effective and give the same gorgeous skin results. Use your products in a way to suit you, I always find Emma Hardie high performing, with results that show time and time again, they are adaptable and my skin never fails to look better for their part in my skincare routine.

Find the Moringa Light Cleansing Gel here

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