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The sun is high in the sky and shining down, my makeup is as simple as can be, but, my lipstick is where the colour is at and Antipodes has the most gloriously summery colours, check out the photo above, South Pacific Coral, gives my lips a warm pink/coral hue, perfect for those hazy days and uplifting on a not so sunny day.

Antipodes Moisture Boost Natural Lipsticks are formulated with avocado oil, calendula, evening primrose, argan and jojoba oil, with shea butter, these are soft in application, strong on pigment and are some of the most conditioning and longest-lasting lipsticks I have used.
There are five Summer shades and I have three stunning choices, (left-right, in the pic above) South Pacific Coral, Forest Berry Red and Piha Beach Tangerine.
Each shade offers full coverage without feeling too much for the lips, I have completely fallen for the Tangerine, which looks amazing with tanned skin, it's a great alternative to coral if you want to change your makeup and add more vibrancy. All the shade enable me to wear little makeup and let my lipsticks do the talking, the Forest Red is classic, chic warm red, South Pacific Coral gives a soft summery tone to the lips and Piha Beach Tangerine is Summer in a lipstick.

Antipodes have created rich, creamy, highly pigmented and very long-lasting lipsticks, I have also found them to be amazing as blushers, just a hint on the cheeks and the tone blends down, so, you'd never know what's on the lips is also on the cheeks, the ideal multi-tasking product.

Forest Berry Red

                                                        Piha Beach Tangerine

South Pacific Coral

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