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New Nordic Food Supplements

New Nordic Hair Volume Gummies are the sweet things in life and offer a great option in keeping hair healthy. As with all supplements, these do not replace meals, the go hand in hand with them, take two, well, chew two and your day has started, they are delicious, apple flavoured and they made a welcome difference to my hair and its condition.

New Nordic Gummies came along at a moment when I was beginning to worry about my hair, again. It happens, more as I've got older and certainly in the last couple of months the amount I have been losing was quite a worry. Having always had fine hair, I've managed to ignore the lack of substantial locks by initially having that glorious ignorance of youth in my late teens, early twenties, believing that my hair was fabulous, my thirties, it was the realisation that I wasn't Rapunzel, but, at least the grey wasn't too bad. My early Forties welcome more grey, but, the hair was shiny'ish, then late forties, less glossy and throwing itself at my hairbrush like leaves from a tree in the Autumn. 
So, the last couple of months I noticed more hair on my brush and I have been aware of my hair thinning for the last six months, I scoured the shelves of my local health food store and came away with a list of products to investigate. Then, as if by magic, I was approached by a PR company, the words, hair, gummies and normal all appealed and my journey started with New Nordic. 
Firstly, do check with your GP if you have any issues, allergies etc before starting vitamins, supplements etc.
These are two a day to accompany a meal and they are the dessert to the main course, I love the rich apple flavour, not too sweet and very good if you have a sweet tooth, I took mine with breakfast.
These chewy supplements contain Apple, millet and horsetail extract, biotin and zinc, they make no wild claims, something that I really respect, they suggest these help maintain normal hair.
There is no hardship in taking a rather delicious sweety like supplements and I am a huge believer that if something makes you feel positive and that you are improving because of it, then, it's doing its job. Initially it was just the taking of the supplements, each morning, it became routine, by the end of week two I detected a change in my hair, it wasn't as weak, certainly brushing didn't result in the mound of hair sitting in the bristles, this continued and maintained throughout the course of the gummies, certainly I attribute this to the New Nordic Hair Volume product, as well as great days in the garden soaking up the Vitamin D, without doubt, a positive change. 
Easy to take, delicious, in my case a visible improvement to my hair loss situation and I now have the New Nordic Capsule Supplements to keep me going (pr), so, there will be further posts on my hair-raising findings in the next few months, check out my YouTube channel also
New Nordic is stocked by Holland & Barrett, so, easily accessible which is always a plus.
For healthy hair and nails, New Nordic is worth chewing.

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