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The Somerset Toiletry Company - Luxury Hand Cream in the palm of my hands

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Having been spoiled with a selection of Verbena scented items from The Somerset Toiletry Company, the luxury hand cream was the one MOST NEEDED, regular readers will know my habit of rarely wearing gloves for any jobs and my hands are showing the signs of neglect and sheer dehydration.
Beautifully scented products make me want to use them and this was and is a pleasure to use.

Taking a before and after shot didn't really do justice to the effects I saw from the hand cream, a tanned hand that didn't look quite as wizened, well,  that doesn't tell the whole story, what does are the words that this sublime product brings forth. This rich, super quick-absorbing cream has been a delight, I've carried it around in the pockets of my shorts to ensure it's applied obsessively. As I leave the garden, wash my hands this lemon uplifting scented cream is massaged into my hands, I put a good dollop on the back of my left hand and use the back of my right to blend into the skin, then I work the residue all over and into my hands, cuticles, elbows, as far as it will go I will massage. 

Verbena fills the air, a heady cloud of lemon and summer days envelope me, initially my hands sucked this product in, seconds and it was gone, now, with regular applications, I have more time to enjoy the scent and really work with the product, it has also become rather a lovely and refreshing foot balm, perfect after I've worn my lawn aerator spiked shoes, don't ask, but, my feet are glad of the soothing application.
When it comes to hand cream, I don't look for 'slip' in a product, it needs to be absorbed, I don't want sticky hands and clingy product that transfers onto clothing or the nearest person!
The Somerset Toiletry Company has given me the greatest gift, one of my favourite scents, in Verbena, a luxury hand cream that has 20% shea butter, ensuring my phalanges etc no longer resemble the hands as Jekyll turns into Mr Hyde. 
I am the proud owner of soft, hydrated and presentable hands, I am a woman, like so many in the movies who apply hand cream before bed, though, I am not clad in a diaphanous négligée, pj's will have to suffice.

Find more choices and products to tempt you here from The Somerset Toiletry Company, got to 'hand' to them, they really have me revelling in verbena.

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