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Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi - reviving an old love

Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi - pr

Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi is a product to remember, appropriate, considering Rosemary is a herb of remembrance. Folklore suggests a few sprigs in the pocket of ones 'other' half will help them remember their vows and the mighty quill of Shakespeare gave rise to this belief with his beloved Ophelia in the tragedy Hamlet.  So, I return and remember my love for this beauty, my original post you will find here 

Bodhi & Birch is a wonderful brand for reminding me why I love beauty so much, yes, the brand and its amazing products are effective, the ingredients are of the highest standard, the love and creation behind the brand couldn't be more exemplary. Beauty has become big business over the 't'internet', the focus has moved to the science behind products and I feel we've lost that sheer pleasure and joy a beautiful product can bring. Forget the list of chemical names, embrace the colour, texture, the scent, how it makes you feel.
Rosemary Chi bath and shower gel was my luxury during the winter months, now, it has been my relief at the end of scorching, gorgeous, beautiful Summer's day. The scent mentally cools me down, I feel calmer, the gel cleanses away the day leaving my skin smooth and soft. I also use this as a shampoo, perfect as a pre-dye hair shampoo, cleanses the scalp, leaves hair glossy and I find it eliminates product build-up, the perfect multi-tasking bathing gel.

The scent is the journey, Rosemary gives that 'greeness' mowed grass, relaxing and comforting. Tea Tree & mandarin, refresh me, they add to the clean feel and clear my head. Vetiver, cedarwood & clary sage gives the warmth to my senses, that comfort, a snuggle in a shower gel. Combined this pump bottle of clear gel offers realness, it stops time, makes me centre myself - ideal if you suffer any anxiety issues, a product that makes me feel good, makes me appreciate the moment I am in and smells damn amazing!

The beauty of Bodhi & Birch is the journey the products take you on, forget the lists, the chemical names for this, that and the other, it's time to take back 'realness', enjoy the scent let it remind of you the past, last week or an hour ago. Embrace the 'now', relish the 'past', Rosemary Chi is the glass elevator to wherever or whoever, your adventure awaits.

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