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EMULSION - the brand that has alchemy at its heart (ad, not paid, pr, trackable links)

Emulsion brings to the skincare table esthetically clinically packaged products, and pleasing to the eye they are, simple, functional with the added personal touch. The aim of the brand is to encourage each individual to tailor products to their own needs from the purpose of the product to the scent. It is you, but, in product form, working exclusively for your skin.

Emulsion's creation allows you the freedom to design your own skincare wardrobe, dressing the skin each day with add-ons that compliment the base capsule line of products. Pick the base product and then decide what your skin is lacking or in need of and add that, more than one item can be used at the same time.
I was fortunate to receive the Micellar Water Base in a superbly functional pump spray bottle, which will be reappropriated as a plant mist spray, the softness of the misting is something I applaud, rather than a drenching of product, this has the gentlest touch of aloe leaf juice. I use this in two ways, either as a wake-up spritz for my skin or I wet a cotton pad and wipe it over my face, both applications are gentle on the skin and I said yes to this as it mentions the 'soothing and calming' properties, ideal for my complicated skin.

With a paired back routine and skin that goes alarming red at will, products that soothe are essential, this gentle mist/micellar was the softness needed, it freshened my skin, caused no irritation and provided me with the benchmark when it comes to packaging and the perfect facial misting spray.
Emulsion provides the gentle touch with this offering, check out the brand for further face and body products.

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