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Deviant Skincare has fast become my first port of call for a cleansing concentrate that can only be described as a facial sensation, as soon as I have delved into a new pot, then my order goes in for a spare.
Deviant is a brand that has set out to deviate (get it?), from gender, age and trend specific products, development & marketing, it's refreshing, to say the least.
On their website they state 'Skincare should simply be the harmony of purpose and formula: meaningful products, with potent, efficacious ingredients that truly benefit the skin'.

The cleansing concentrate has been a gift to my skin, this softened gel texture with a delightful green/yellow tone eases over my skin with ease. This can be used morning or/and evening. For me, it's a step to wind down from the day and a treat for my skin as I remove my makeup or just if I wish to freshen my face before applying my evening skincare. It is, without doubt, the part of my routine that I look forward to the most, a finger scoop of product blended over my face melts away any makeup, SPF and matte red lipstick, you can add a little water to turn the cleanser into a more milky consistency, but, I rarely bother, this product needs no help, it divinely dissipates everything in sight, soothing my skin as it works, ideal for my complicated skin, it doesn't irritate, dry or strip my skin, I use a muslin cloth to gently remove the cleanser. My skin feels soft to the touch, my areas of rosacea are calm and most importantly not aggravated by the use or removal of the cleanser.

Deviant Cleansing Concentrate is a bedtime story for my skin, it eases me into the night, gives a great canvas for further products to work on and keeps my skin clean without feeling tight and dry.
There has been, two cleansers at the most, that I was very loyal to, due to skin changes, this has become 'the' balm/concentrate that I don't deviate from!

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