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A scrub is a scrub is a scrub, well, yes, the ones that sit heavily and determinedly in large ceramic pots are all similar, but, some, well, they have a quality about them, they have a scent that empowers the senses - everything feels better when the product is used. MOR create a pomegranate experience, exfoliation and a scent that transcends the warmer months into the cooler evenings perfectly.

Truthfully, I am less than thorough when it comes to body care, I start with such great enthusiasm and then, well, I get waylaid, in other words lazy! Everything feels much harder to reach, the effort, the quickness of my skin to resemble crepe paper, the sheer effort of cleaning up the bathroom after the application of body exfoliants - the gritty bits get everywhere, let's not mention body exfoliants in powder formats, the horror.
So, for me to actually make the effort a product has to hit the ground running, nice packaging, weighty pots I love - they feel special. The scent, warm, fruity, salivating over a body product shouldn't be overlooked, ever.
MOR delighted every one of my senses.

This rich moisturising scrub leaves my skin smooth, soft with a heavenly veil of pomegranate, raspberry, vanilla, geranium & jasmine. Sugar crystals & cranberry extract exfoliate & polish the body, blackcurrant, rosehip and neroli oils condition and leave the skin feeling silky soft and supple, vitamin A & E give the skin a healthy glow.
I love to feel properly scrubbed, to feel smooth skin, but, I loathe when my skin feels tight and dry, with this pot of MOR, you get the cleansing, clean skin feel with a lovely dewy smooth skin after, body cream slides on and my skin looks and feels refreshed, no signs of crepe paper skin.
MOR is a luxury, from the packaging to the results, a pot of magic that makes bathing & showering a real treat.

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