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Milk Shake - Colour Combination Haircare

Having fallen for the wonderful Milk Shake brand, I was kindly sent the colour shampoo and conditioner, to be fair I did go cap in hand and begged to try something else because I loved the items they had already sent me. 
With a permanently dyed head of hair, anything that prolongs the colour, giving a vibrant finish without stripping has my interest. 

How could I have known that this duo would smell of that divine leave in conditioner?, I didn't know, but I do now, and again, my hair has been washed so much. That sweet, dessert smell is on every follicle, I swish and smell just like pudding. 

The combination ensure hair is not only clean, the scalp cleansed but that the colour remains vibrant with vitality and shine. 
The conditioner contains a patented ingredient 'integrity 41', which is exclusive to Milk Shake, using sunflower extract which is boosted 41 times (the maximum possible for this extract) leaving the conditioner with a superb effective antioxidant system that protects the colour of the hair. 

Colour Maintainer shampoo smells so good it is hard not to use too much, I just can't get enough of the sweet smell. It feels luxurious in the palm of the hand and pools like silk. 
Although I rarely wash my hair every day, this is such a gentle product that it would be perfect. 
Using a small amount which is easier said than done, it gives a warm rich aroma, this cleanses the scalp without weighing it down with a product. I love to leave the shampoo fizzing away in my hair for a few minutes, the smell is just delicious. It rinses easily, leaving hair ready for the Colour Maintainer Conditioner. 

The power house of the two is the conditioner, too much and it does weight the hair down, so less than you think you need is the answer, well, it was with my fine locks. I found it worked superbly when applied away from my scalp, this often the case with conditioner and my hair, my scalp is super oily and conditioners often sit and weigh my hair down, even when rinsed efficiently. But working from half way and down my hair gives me lovely locks and this was certainly the case with the Milk Shake Colour Maintainer conditioner. 
Detangled, hydrated and protected my hair was gleaming, I do spend more time washing out conditioner and this needs to be done thoroughly, it is worth it with this product. 
My hair had a beautiful sheen, the colour looked fresh and I found my hair wasn't as greasy at the roots, which gives me an extra day without washing if I feel like it. 

Again Milk_Shake have given me beautiful products which in turn have provided me with hair that is shiny, manageable and smells super scrumptious.  

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