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MV Organics - Rose Hydrating Facial Mist

MV Organics have changed my mind about a certain something, not entirely you understand, this brand and a certain product have changed my mind. The Rose Hydrating Facial Mist is a face changer as well as a mind changer. 

Never have I welcomed the hint of rose so much from a product, this is delicate, gentle, soothing and understated. There is no overpowering hit of floral, this drifts gently from the spray and floats onto the face, leaving a  hint of rose petals. 
It cools as it touches and the face welcomes every drop of this canned facial treat, as it's pressed into the skin you appreciate the brand's philosophy 'fewer ingredients but in higher quantities'. 
Perfect for a hot day, flight or just because it preps the skin perfectly for moisturiser or it brightens and refreshes makeup, either way, this is face friendly at every turn. 

This rose-y treat has 4 ingredients water, rose centifolia oil, polysorbate 40 (this solubilises essential oils into a water based product), potassium sorbate (this gives the product a better shelf life and stability). 

I surprised myself at how I came to rely on this rose scented hydrating mist product, it not only hydrated my face but the gentle mist calmed me, a really beautiful product. 

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