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Apothaka Cleansing Oil - oil I need for great skin

Instagram, yes, it gets quite a bad press, I won't bore you with the algorithm issues but, one thing it is rather wonderful at is introducing new and small brands. These are often handmade products of beauty obsessives, who go to great lengths to create something perfect for the skin. This is how I found and met the lovely Natasha of Apothaka skincare.

Having drooled over the gorgeous looking facial oils that grace the Apothaka Instagram page I was thrilled to see the introduction of a cleansing oil, a rebalancing oil, so, finally, I placed my order. The beauty I have found when dealing with smaller brands, one person brands, they take time and care over every detail. Natasha certainly was proof of this with some of the best aftercare I have ever received. Knowing that each item is handmade, having attended skincare courses on the use of natural products and essential oils, you are safe in the knowledge that Natasha wants each customer to have quality products to give you the best your skin can be.

Having resisted the facial oils, although I received a fab sample, so, you can be in no doubt this brand will appear again, but, what of the cleansing oil?
After balms, I love using cleansing oils as part of my evening skincare routine, for me, they really finish the cleansing aspect of my routine and prepare my skin for all the lovely products that follow. Apothaka Cleansing Oil is retained in a plastic amber coloured bottle, to stop daylight degrading the product, it comes with a pump for easy measuring of the product, I love the dark bottle and the sea green font of the brand's name, it's eye-catching.
I adore oil textures and so does my oily/combination skin, this cleanser is high in linoleic oils which are suited to my skin, you are less likely to have issues with your pores, and breakouts which can happen with Oleic oil formulations.
Using jojoba, lavender and geranium to balance the skin, rosemary to cleanse, Comfrey, the word envisages everything old fashion and it is a great skin soother, it is a natural anti-inflammatory and is used in natural medicine to heal wounds, as Arnica speeds up the bruising process, Comfrey is a natural healer thanks to allantoin.

Its smell is subtle, not heavily herby, a gentle fresh scent, I shake the bottle before use and pump the oil into the palm of my hand, this is a rich oil, it collects and although of course a fluid, it isn't the variety of runny that means you lose half it on the bath mat. I then blend over my face, I also work this over my eyes, I have no issue with it at all and it works equally well as a first cleanse to remove the majority of makeup or as a second cleanse to ensure every last piece of makeup debris is gone.
I love that with this cleanser you also receive a cleansing cloth, super soft and perfect to remove the oil, you can add water to emulsify the cleanser and cloth it away. My skin is clean, properly clean, the kind of clean that would make a mother proud.
Every part of this product from the oil itself to the ingredients and informative website make it a brand and a range of handmade products that work for your skin. I mentioned earlier that I was also kindly sent a sample for the normal/combination face oil, once my parcel had arrived I received an email, this is client aftercare like no other, it details how to use the oil, what works best depending on the skin type you generally lean towards, how much to use, other tips and how to store oils. Many brands have very useful product information that comes with a product's packaging, this is a wonderful indication of the care, thoughtfulness and knowledge that Natasha has in her brand and the products she handmakes. A beautiful brand that often has limited stock because it is handmade, it is worth getting to know Apothaka, worth waiting for and with such effective products, knowledge behind the brand and the highest standard of customer care, your skin will thank you for it.

Please do check out the Apothaka website here, there is far more about Natasha and the products.
This is not a pr post, the product featured I bought, the facial oil was a sample, I just love to share brands that really give me and my skin results and light my enthusiasm.

The post does not include affiliate links - There may be pr, samples, products for review, GWP featured unless otherwise stated. 
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