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CND Vinylux Nails

CND has been on my radar for many years, they are the people behind my favourite nail and cuticle oil, Solar Oil, so, the opportunity to sample the new formula of the Vinylux polishes and Weekly Top Coat really appealed.

Winter Nights, not literally, this is the name of this gorgeous denim blue and yes, it has photographed as navy. A creamy glossy nail lacquer that gives that precision manicured finish to the nails with ease, the rounded head brush is perfect for taking the colour onto the nail. I found two coats gave an exact replication of the colour and the grey toned blue looks even better on the nail, a tone you don't see often in nail colour options. It was also a great colour to test out the week-long lasting time of the range, I always find light shades perform better, dark really show the damage and I didn't go easy on my nails. But, first, the application of the top coat. 

Now, being honest with you, I am not a fan of any top coats other than a certain fast drying one, which I have bought for years. But, in fairness, this was sent to me and I need to try it and give it a fair go. Using natural daylight the formula increases its durability over time, protecting and giving longevity the nail polish.
I was brutal with my hands and my nails, I gave the garden a good tidy and that included moving rocks, without gloves, so, my nails faced adversity. I was surprised at how little damage they showed, I featured them on a couple of my YouTube videos, this really gives you the live look of my nails several days in. There were a couple of tiny chips from the ends of my nails, which I had also, deliberately left a longer length to really give the polish a good try out. Normally, my nails are quite short and therefore polish does last that bit longer. 
I certainly felt the Weekly Top Coat and polish worked really well, by day 6, I just wanted to refresh the colour, but, they looked pretty good. Yes, the top coat works, it may not be as glossy as my regular one, but, you don't have to pool this onto the nail as you do with that one, so, it will last far longer.

Without a doubt, I always head for the darker shades, but, my beating heart was won over by Ice Bar, this sparkling beauty is everything pretty, alone it has a glistening hue on the nails, a sprinkling of Narnia most definitely. 
This gives a natural finish with a hint of shimmer, I love how a second coat really puts on the glitz, this is a party varnish most definitely, or maybe, a holiday colour, glistening in the sunshine, perfect. 
I found this hard wearing, the tiny shimmer particles really adhere to the base coat and with the Weekly Top Coat, the colour is signed and sealed. 
I also love this as an alternative to a french manicure, it adds a little magic to the top of the nail. 
Ice Bar is perfect for using to create nail art, it really stands out over a dark shade and complimented the Winter Nights shade. 
I have found this my easy varnish, it gives a nice look to the nails, has great longevity and is something a little different to a flat sheen shade that I favour. CND do recommend that you don't use a base coat, I completely understand that this is best for the formulation to work at it's best but, with the darker shade in particular, it does stain the nail, so, I did use a base coat.

A range I never doubted, CND has been such a reliable and recognisable brand for decades, they have this new formula nailed. 

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