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Glossier Priming Moisturiser Rich

Glossier, the obsession is real and for me and my skin the brand works, so, after getting all worked up about their makeup range, I had to step across to the skincare side of things and boy it was the right decision. Before I enthuse, just to be clear, I don't and have never bought products according to my skin type, some may fall into the category but, I personally feel my skin hasn't read the pamphlet about the type and a little mix of everything works a treat.

This superbly rich moisturiser should be the stuff of legends, it reminds me of proper creams, those that ladies of yesteryear would apply thickly to their faces and ghost-like try and not transfer product to their pillows. 
The packaging is straightforward but attractive, a blush pink lid with the G, in subtle white on the top. The clear glass jar contains 50ml of product, ingredients are located at the bottom of the product and clearly listed on the website. It's a mixture really, good, bad and indifferent, you can pick out the alcohol, the glycols which can be irritants to the skin, lavender, apple and murumuru seed butter which is very similar to palm oil, hopefully, it's extraction isn't as damaging as palm oil and therefore a better substitute, It's buttery texture obviously make it a pleasure for dry skin, it's a good emollient and keeps skin soft. I haven't got dry skin but, I love the texture of this product, it needs the lightest application to achieve a good even coverage of the face, I adore the scent, which, has been an issue for many, primarily it is quite Lavender ladened, there is a fruity undertone but, it is extremely subtle. I don't find it too over-powering and it subsides very quickly on application.

Now, I am the first to say that skincare needs time, weeks even months before you can truly see how a product works for you and your skin. Over the years I have relied upon serums and facial oils for the care of my skin, moisturisers are a habit, not a bad one, but, I could quite easily leave them out of my routine. To me now, moisturisers are the scarf, oils and serums are the coat that keeps you protected, moisturisers are the accessory, the scarf, the added extra that does its bit but you can do without it at times. 
This was immediate, my liking for the product was that moment of 'this is good', I adored the texture, the blend-ability on the skin and above all else the finish and impeccable base for makeup, it really sets the perfect canvas for makeup to be applied and I love it. 
Without an application of 'the face', I love the smoothness and dewiness of my skin, it will certainly feature through the Winer months, a pot of proper cream is always welcome and Glossier do a Priming Moisturiser of the non-rich variety also, this, I may try in the warmer months, but, it's an option if you dislike anything rich. This can be added to your morning or evening routine, I love to use it for both. 
If you have been super restrained and not placed an order, I applaud you, if you're tempted and would like 10% off, click here, using my code for your shop will add £10 to my Glossier store credit. 

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