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I've Got Chills - Winter Skincare - cleansers

Skincare, I rotate my skincare more than I wash my hair, well, that may be a slight exaggeration but, I do place skincare near the top of my essentials in life. After feeding the dog, skincare and makeup rate highly. Summer is the paired down, relaxing time, well, that's what I tell myself and Winter is the major skincare enthusiasm, balms, oils, serums, rich moisturisers, masques, it all comes out to play.

 I have favourite products that I repeat buy and wouldn't be without, I have products that I am enthusiastic about when using them but, inevitably, once they are empty I have found another love. I wish I knew the algorithm for the reason some become favourites and some don't, the reason I say this is, I have used many that have made a difference to my skin but, still don't make it back into my online basket again, they work and yet, they are assigned a place on the loved it but, moved on list.
I double cleanse most evenings, balm cleansers are essential for me and I've used them for decades, they clean away the detritus of the day, leave my skin clean and ready for the products that follow. I also find that decent balms, Emma Hardie, Jane Scrivener and Merumaya remove eye makeup effectively without stinging the eyes. Generally, balm cleansers are only used as part of my evening routine and as the first cleanse, I follow with an oil cleanser, mainly, this second stage takes away not only any tiny remnants of remaining makeup but also the balm cleanser, skin is prepped and ready for the plethora of oils, serums and lotions that follow.

Oil cleansers are such a staple for me and I love rich consistencies, some can be so watery that you lose them before they make it to the face. Again, I work oils over my entire face, so, it's important for me that they don't cause any irritation in and around the eyes, I also don't like my skin to feel tight or dry after removing cleansers, I don't ask for much do I?
For removing both balms and oils I use muslin cloths or towelling cloths/flannels, I never rinse either away with just water, I have to use cloths, I wouldn't feel I had done a proper cleanse without using at least two cloths.
My morning cleanse is a one-step clean of the face, to awaken me and freshen my skin, I like cleansing gels, a wash I suppose and this time I do rinse the product away, although if I have the time I get another cloth in the routine and wipe away.
So, it's time to share my top 3 balm and oil cleansers, I have one-morning cleanser to share, as I put more thought and effort into my evening routine, there are always far more products!

Top Balm Cleansers (this is subject to change very quickly)

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm* - this has been a favourite for years, easy to use, it melts onto the face and lifts away all impurities, leaving skin super soft to the touch and skin in lovely condition. It is also a great hydrating masque, ideal to take away as a multi-tasking product.

Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser - this is the cleanser that makes me give my face a fantastic facial, it requires work and I love it, I find this is worth the time that is given to massaging it into the skin. My skin glows when this is removed and it is great when skin is dull and congested.

Merumaya Melting Cleansing Balm* - a brand that has a distinctive aroma, which I adore. The cleanser works over makeup and melts away, you see everything amalgamating and it lifts away with ease. A gorgeous product that again, is worth taking time over, you can add water to create a milky consistency and I love using a flannel to remove this cleanser.

Top Oil Cleansers - (this changes as often as the weather)

Mv Organic Skincare 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic* - a favourite cleanser of mine for years. This is a great pick me up for skin beautifully rich, it cleans and conditions the skin, it is also a fantastic oil that can be left on the skin overnight or even used as part of your daytime routine.

Apothaka Rebalancing Cleansing Oil - a new find and such a great one, I have recently reviewed it, check it out here. This is a great time to try the brand, they are celebrating their 1st birthday, with some superb discounts across the skincare range.

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Oil - another newbie and bought to 'have a try', I love Nuxe as a brand and this hasn't disappointed, blends well over the face, lifts off makeup if used as a first cleanse, as a second option this really leaves my skin so smooth and soft.

On my skincare radar is Votary, their cleansing oils are calling to me, watch this space.

Morning Cleansers -

Currently, it's my brand obsession of Glossier and their Milky Jelly Cleanser, a couple of pumps of this leaves my face clean and soft first thing in the morning, I wouldn't say it's exceptional but, it's effective. It can be washed off or removed using a cloth, although, this sometimes leaves my skin feeling tight, so, I generally wash it off.
I would also mention Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which has been a favourite for my morning cleanse on many occasions, definitely one I would buy again, it has substance to it and can be washed or removed with a cloth.

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