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Winter Skincare - Exfoliants

Exfoliants in liquid and pad form have been a part of my regular skincare routine since my mid-thirties when they became more prevalent on the skincare scene. Although, I was using salicylic acid in my twenties, sparingly, more of that later. The benefits as I get older become more essential, AHA's & BHA's give me my skin but better.

My serious exfoliant journey began when I was living through an extremely stressful time, my skin for the first time ever, was not in a great place, dull, spotty and not the skin I had lavished my skincare and beauty obsession over for years, call this thanks for all the lovely oils and serums!
I researched everything and came to the conclusion that I needed an exfoliant to rebalance my skin and get me back on track. Within days of using Biologique Recherche, my skin was so much better, brighter and the array of spots had lessened.
It started me on using exfoliants as a regular part of my skincare routine, a product for all seasons.

I have generally leaned towards AHA's, although they are targetted to dry skin, I find it works for me and certainly brightens my skin. Salicylic I used in my twenties, ideal for oily and sensitive skin it is a good option to exfoliate the skin and the pores, it is also anti-inflammatory. My only reason for stopping and starting with the salicylic was knowing it's not a good option if allergic to aspirin and it's derivatives, now, I am allergic to the aforementioned drug, I have not had a reaction to using the BHA, but, I also don't like to tempt fate, so, as much as I liked my skin when applying salicylic, I felt more comfortable using glycolic and lactic based products.
My skin has remained in fairly good condition and never has it reacted or shown the horrors that drove me to exfoliants.
Now, let me share some of my favourites, they are Glycolic and Lactic acid based mainly, so,  AHA's, only one has a mix of both. When using any skincare like this, that removes dead skin cells to reveal lovely new skin, SPF is essential, well, in my world it is and I wear it all year round.

First there was Biologique Recherche, you could buy it from Liberty with ease, they are a serious skincare brand and now you need a consultation, no ordering online, I respect them for that but, I would love to have one 'just in case', it smells of vinegar, stings slightly on application but, it was amazing and righted my skin in days, I never looked back. Thankfully there are others that are easier to acquire and have kept my skin balanced and brighter for many a year.

Pixi Glow Tonic, I started buying this when you could only get it by ringing the store and order, I still mourn the old packaging which had a pump, but, this 5% Glycolic acid toner, is a dream and it smells nice, which isn't always the case. 5-10% is effective as an exfoliant, anything less, well, it's pointless in my opinion. I buy this frequently and love when the large, massive, daddy of all toner sizes is offered, with a pump!

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner, my love for this is huge, the smell, yes, the brand that has an aroma all of its own and it's a beauty. This clarifies and brightens my skin, it's one exfoliant that leaves my skin so soft to the touch. It's worth checking out the website, gift options for the festive season have been launched, so you have the opportunity to really treat your skin.

Alpha H Liquid Gold, I have used this religiously for many a year, I currently have the rose version, through necessity, not a choice, it was all I could get, I am not a fan of rose scented products. After Pixi and Recherche this was all the choices I had initially for a decent effective exfoliant, this really resurfaces the face, my skin loves this and it looks exceptionally bright after use.

Nip & Fab Glycolic Extreme Night Pads, 5% Glycolic, contain lactic and salicylic acid, so AHA & BHA, easy to purchase, I grab them when on offer at my local Superdrug. They last for ages, are ideal to pack for time away and work well. I don't use them as often as the fluids, just because of my preference to a lotion but, these are super handy and effective.

Bravura Ginseng Toner, one of the prettiest packaged exfoliants, pleasant smelling and gentle.

All of the exfoliants above, I apply to my skin using a cotton wool round, this is generally part of my evening routine and 2, 3, 4 times a week, depending on my skin and the other products in my routine.

Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage, this is a gel enzymatic exfoliant, I apply it to my clean face and work it until it liquifies, then I cloth the residue away. It's gentle but, because of the removal it really leaves my face feeling clean.

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