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Head In The Clouds - Glossier Cloud Paint

Imagine finding a blush that is light as air, whipped air with an added hint of colour, well, it's enough to make a girl blush and Glossier have just that.

Cloud Paints are my new obsession, I bought one and now I am eagerly awaiting the rest because they are perfection. Presented in paint tubes, the inner, frustrated artist in me adores this idea. The colours are simple, effective and a pinprick of colour gives you the right amount of flush, I originally had the shade Puff, which is gloriously pink, blue toned, not always a great shade for me but, with the lightness of touch this gives a glow and lifted warmth to my face without there being too much of the bruised blue showing, they really are seamless, subtle and yet they pack such great colour payback.

This whipped cream consistency works so well and doesn't gather or collect on the skin, it's there but it could equally be your natural flushed colour.
After pink came the tube of warmth in the shade Dusk,

a great option to define areas of the face, you could use it as eyeshadow and alone it gives an Autumnal hue to the face, I used it in the depths of my cheeks to define the area and then added a little of the Puff to lift the apples of my cheeks. Each colour works well alone but, they are also a superb partnership.
Then I was in a haze with the shade Haze,

wow, this is the shade that needs the most care, it is astoundingly dark magenta, the pigment is true, you need the tiniest dot to achieve a stunning healthy look. A vampish colour and I love it. Finally Beam,

a peach/coral tone and as I have discovered, a flattering alternative to using pinks this gives a lift to the cheeks and you can apply liberally, it warms the skin and gives such a healthy rested look, I have found this to be one I regularly reach for.
All the Cloud Paints work superbly alone and I have used beam and dusk as eyeshadows also, they blend beautifully and give such a nice soft finish to the eyes. They also work well together, I use Dusk as I would a bronzer and lift the cheeks with Puff or Haze.

From many reviews and posts, it appears I am not the only one who has my head in the clouds, these really are blushers that are fastly becoming iconic, easy application, seamless colour, long lasting and they enhance the skin making it look smooth and fresh. I sincerely hope Glossier have plans to develop more shades, I'm ready and waiting.

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