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Clarins Double Serum - your skin's long term care package.

Clarins, a brand that is rare, unlike many, they don't discontinue products at a vast rate, they listen to their customers' update and make the product better. This is the case of the Double Serum, which has lurked on the red and white counter for many a year, this particular serum was launched in 1985, and reappeared this year all fancy and reformulated, so, how could I not be tempted by the bio-inspired serum.

Contained within this dual phased packaging Clarins developed this concentrated formulation to target and help the 5 vital functions of the skin, nutrition, hydration, protection, regeneration and oxygenation. With 21 active plant ingredients, this boasts the colourful and extremely popular Tumeric, known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties along with further ingredients, kiwi fruit rich in vitamins C & E, Cocoa, great as a preventative of dehydration, banana a natural healer both internally and externally, for fierce conker collecters there is horse chestnut a detoxifying & natural circulatory property, finally in this water soluble and oil soluble concentrated serum there is Edelweiss, (I defy you not to hum at least one Sound Of Music Tune), this clever flower naturally protects from ultraviolet rays, it is a floral antioxidant.  As the two consistencies don't mix, you get the double, two vessels in one and the innovative dial atop the serum which allows you choose the amount you need. I find I am more liberal with products during the colder months.

As with many skincare products, I am a firm believer that certain products are for the longterm, they do not immediately produce wonderous changes but protect and continue to care for and gradually aid the skin to perform better as it ages. Skin, of course, performs better in our younger years, the ingredients used in the Double Serum have been combined to encourage the continued communication of skin cells, these deplete as we age and therefore signs of ageing show. This serum concoction is an investment for your skin, encouraging the continued working relationship of the skin's cells, it is your care package hydrating the skin, improving the elasticity of the skin, lessening the visibility of wrinkles and leaving skin radiant.

Clarins has been a brand that I have used for many years, I have loved the products I used and still buy the facial oils to this day because my skin looks better for their part in my skin care routine. In the case of the Double Serum, I was firstly impressed with their interest in the disappointment of clients in the brand's use of mineral oil in the serum, so, they updated it, took the mineral oil away and packed it with 21 plant extracts. 
I love the pooling serum, copper in colour, easily blendable on my skin, it absorbs, leaving my skin smooth with a delicate sheen. I like the option of choosing the amount of product it encourages me to use less and massage the product into my skin more. A definite glow giver for my skin, I like the texture and general appearance of my face when I apply this, it is long term, I try to always have this as part of my routine, although testing products often make it impossible. The test for me is the obvious change when I add it back to my routine, and I can tell, currently, it works alongside products that have my skin looking healthy, even, no dehydration or breakouts. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another, this is a long-term investment for the skin, certainly, my 'nearly' 47-year-old face absorbs this readily and the results show through. 

One for the bathroom shelf!

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