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Jane Scrivner - Bioluronic Buzz 2000 - to hydration and beyond

 Jane Scrivner has a range of skincare that came to my rescue this year when I totally felt that everything I was using was just ok, so, when I was kindly sent her new launch I was a tad excited to have another product to add to my JS collection. With a name that suggests it is to infinity and beyond, Bioluronic Buzz 2000.

As with all Jane Scrivner, the range is about the skincare, the packaging is clean, easy to use and durable, the Smoothing Hyaluronic Hydrator comes in a pump bottle, which makes it easy to get the exact amount needed.

This 135g bottle contains 2000mg of Hyaluronic gel, this equates to 2grams which can hold 12 litres of water to the skin. The Hyaluronic used in this is bio-fermented if you are a vegetarian, it's worth checking the source of hyaluronic in products. So, plumped hydrated skin, the use of the herb Spilanthes Acmella is the Buzz of the title, this is also known as the 'toothache plant', a natural muscle relaxant/paralyzer, natures version of Botox, it is also a saliva stimulant, anyone who's used toothache tincture will know the joy. Salicylic acid, a favourite of mine for years for its skin smoothing prowess, this time white willow works it's magic to do this. Anti-Inflammatory Boswellia Carteri sits amongst the ingredients and it contains an essential oil that I am also partial to, you may see a Wiseman looking for it, Frankincense, that always leaves my skin looking more refined, this essential oil also helps to lift and tighten the skin, well, in a small way, but it's a mighty oil and I love it.
So, you have the product's CV, let's light the booster rockets and I'll give you the buzz on this product.
Consistency, now, that was the only stickler for me, I dislike gels, there is no scientific reason, I am quirky about consistencies and gels lurk near the top of my shudder list. However, I am trying to be a grown-up about this, so, in I went, you need a small amount, it is cooling when applied and blends very easily over the face and down the neck. I used this both as part of my morning and evening routine. I highly recommend pressing this gel into the skin and then as advised, leave the product to dry down, I did find that applying products too soon led to rolling with other items. I personally found this worked better for me as part of my evening routine, basically because I was too impatient to wait in the morning, my evening skincare routine is always my time-taker and this fitted perfectly. My routine would consist of cleansing, an exfoliator, facial mist and then the Hyaluronic Hydrator, followed by a serum or facial oil and then all signed sealed and delivered to the skin with the Jane Scrivener 'OO' Over Oil cream, a perfect evening of skincare in my mind.

I write this, weeks after receiving the bottle, it has been used most evenings and occasionally on dry areas of my body also, my shins have never been the same. It was around the 3rd week that I was aware my skin had changed, smoother and certain deeper lines were softer, not gone, but certainly gentler in appearance, I have recently started to apply the Hydrator topically, only to my frown lines, those pesky number 11's that are from years of scowling, something I developed from a very young age, I have photographs as proof! So, I am still experimenting and as such a small amount is needed, this never appears to get any less, very economical. Back to my shins, now, as much as I moisturise, my legs are a problem, I scratch them and this creates some dry areas along my legs, I applied the BioBuzz and within a week, my legs looked normal, no obvious signs of dryness, skin certainly looked in better condition, it's an all-rounder most definitely.
Overall, a product that works, yes, there are cheaper Hyaluronic products on the market, but, I am happier to pay more for a product from a brand I trust, who create with care and source the highest quality of ingredients, for me, this brand gives you the top standard of products.

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