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Lola - nailing the Winter vibe

Lola By Perse has certainly embraced the colder months with two fantastic shades of polish, one, in particular, I can't get enough of.

Neptune is an amalgamation of blues and greens, metallic in finish, creating the most perfect glistening shade for the nails, one coat and nails are gleaming, you can almost hear the sea.

Each time I wear this polish someone comments on the shade, it really is striking without being overpowering. It is naturally glossy in the finish but I do like to apply a top coat to add to the longevity. It screams Halloween, Autumn/ Winter, a step away from the traditional, in my case of, reds, dark burgundy shades. This just adds a bit of sparkle to the Autumnal days, stunning. It removes easily and doesn't stain the nail, I do use a base coat but, some lacquers can still leave a residue.

Gothica is a flat toned polish as opposed to the metallic coating of 'Neptune', rich, warm with a smooth application. This deep purple pours onto the nail, two coats and you could fall into the depth it creates, almost black in certain lights but then you catch the tone of this rich beauty. The finish is shiny and smooth, again, a top coat adds to the life of this varnish and I just love the darkness, perfect for Halloween and beyond.

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