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Gosh Primer Plus -

I still love that moment when you use a product and it really is 'that' good, then it's as good if not better the day after and it then never fails to be a great product. A rare happening in a world drowning in makeup and skincare, however, Gosh have really nailed 2017, with some of the best products I have used and Primer Plus Skin Adapter has been added to my list.

Gosh, have developed this multi-functional product to not only create a great base for makeup it primes the skin adapts and enhances the skin's natural tone and also, has added anti-pollutants, which are all the rage this year, fighting free radicals.
There is nothing particularly special about this product when you first see it, a white/grey tone that looks and feels like a moisturiser,

blend it onto the skin and that is when it changes, gradually changing into a peach, beige tone which then disappears because it has become your skin, but, better. Seriously, this is quite something, my skin looks great, it has a glow about it, my skin is better, it is natural, you can't tell there is anything on it. I am obsessed with this, alone you have a healthy, clean and glowing skin, under makeup it makes everything look brighter and just nicer.
Of course, it works superbly well with Gosh foundations, another love of mine, but you can use any base and this never fails to make things just that little bit fresher.
The market is flooded with tinted products, I have a mix from high-end to the high street and this is top of the list, it really does what it says on the bottle, but, better.

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