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Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara - the one that got me in a flux

This is the scenario, I see this product everywhere, people raving about it, so, I bought into the hype, Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara, to my lashes and be quick about it.

Bigger, badder and volumising, Benefit claim this is the 36-hour full blast volume product. The streamlined wand has a 360 reach, leaving nothing out, it covers roots to lash tips, corner to corner and covers perfectly the top and bottom lashes. 
The packaging I dislike, it's rubbery and certainly doesn't suit the glossy, dewy formula. Something sleek and semi-matte would have been so much more attractive, but, that's just my opinion and Benefit prefer the more 'modern' packaging. 

The wand coats every inch of the lash, I find the mascara shaft far too flexible, it's hard to really work the tool through the lashes as it gives so much, with a more stable applicator this would really perform well. The formula is luscious, glossy and it really holds onto the lashes and separates, the volume is achieved with one application, however, it really gives a spikey effect, I find it bulks lashes together and certainly this only needs one coat, any more and lashes are clogged together. I also find the consistency dried hard and lashes don't feel soft to the touch. 
For removal, I would recommend a separate eye makeup remover, this really is a stay in place product, no smudges or flaking, you can have a good cry and it pretty much sits still on the lashes. 

Benefit, I am torn, you can see the impact from one application and it looks amazing, but, I dislike so much, the packaging, the bendy shaft, the clogged lashes, the hardness of my lashes when it's dried down and the elbow grease needed to remove the product, but, it looks wonderful, so, it does everything it suggests, and, I am still moaning. 
Also, instrumental testing on only 21 women and then throwing the percentages really puts me off, 90% of 21 women, is nothing to shout about. It irritates and yet makes me all a flutter at the same time. 

I can see how quickly and effectively it gives great lashes, so, yes, it does as promised. I'll leave the, however, for now. 

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