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Botany Blend - Vega Facial Oil - the brightest star

Vega, the brightest star in the sky, well, in the Lyra constellation, but, let's not argue over the stars. The name and the product, Vega Illuminating Facial oil brightens life in general, read my initial impressions of this oil, nearly four weeks into using it.

Botany Blend handmake their own skincare, not only that, but, they are located near-ish to where I live, so, I had to investigate, it would have been rude not too.
With two of their oils shortlisted for the Beauty Awards, I had the impossible task of choosing one facial oil, Aceso the healing and soothing oil, Meru, the vitality giving, skin balancing award-winning oil and then, the chosen one, Vega, to revitalise and illuminate the skin, again, this is award-winning.
The outer packaging is clean and clear, the bottle is perfection, solid, square, worthy of its heavenly constellation name, yes, it's only a glass bottle, but, it's a sublime packaged oil. A pipette, which is present in most facial oils and essential I believe in using an oil efficiently.

Vega has the honour of being aimed at mature skin, I am only too happy to fall into that category when oils like this exist. Although it is also suitable for dry skin, I often find that when I go against type, my skin just embraces the richness of an oil and this was certainly the case. The cold weather certainly caused my skin to need a little more TLC than my over-eager spring skincare set up could provide, it has been damn cold and my skin needed that protective barrier. Also as a dehydrated skin sufferer, I found this a perfect fit to use topically in those areas. 
Vega combines a blend of organic, wildcrafted and anti-oxidant ingredients, two of my favourites Neroli and Frankincense sit proudly with Argan oil, Japanese Camellia, Evening Primrose, Morrocan, Cactus and Apricot oil, creating a rich sharp scented oil, that smooths the skin, provides a protective lipid barrier and enhances skin healing, perfect to use against the cold weather, but, also ideal if you head out into the sun and fry your skin!

 Created by an aromatherapist, who worked originally specialising in sensory integration, the division of neuroscience that focusses on how the brain processes sensations, such as touch and smell. All products are made in small batches using as much as possible organic, wildcrafted raw and British sourced ingredients, this was a local brand I was eager as hell to try.
The oil has a body to its consistency, it's not runny, it pools, a word I love to use when writing about oils, I adore seeing it gather in the palm of my hands and warming slowly. Not in the least greasy, but, it does leave a glow to the skin, and, that for me makes me and my skin rather giddy, perfect to apply at twilight, the brand's suggestion, and I love the wording, it gives you the literary skincare dream as well as the reality.  Yes, it is a dream to use as part of an evening routine, the scent, it's warm and florally sharp, in no way is this unpleasant, it actually set off so many memories of products my mum used many decades ago, that had a distinctive aroma of quality about them.  
From the packaging to the product, I loved it all, the oil has enhanced my skin, as I tend to find oils do, they give me a smoothness and a glow that I never get from moisturisers or serums, not that long lasting glistening glow, the older I get, the more I see the benefits. Vega was enchanting, from the drops of oil that fell from the pipette to protected skin against the cold, the anti-oxidants fighting environmental factors, this is a skin supporting and embracing oil. As I head into a month of use, I am starstruck. 

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