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Eyeliner, or the lack of it, update

Several months ago I wrote about my decision to not use black eyeliner, strong, intense liner with depth and a hard edge. Time has passed, so, have I survived not using a product I loved?

The reason, well, even I could see it looked harsh and the line was heading nearer to my forehead with every droop of my hooded eyes. The angle became more complicated when adding the liner and I began to just see the dark, sharp, carbon black line, rather than my whole look.
I had flirted with leaving liner out of my makeup routine last year and lasted about a week, the habit was too strong and I enjoyed the concentration of applying it. Filming videos for my YouTube channel gives me the opportunity to watch myself back as I am editing, and, as time passed I was aware that the liner wasn't doing me any favours, so, a New Year, was the perfect chance to look at my makeup afresh, my routine and the products that I have used religiously and the method of application for over 20 years.
Old habits do die hard, I spent most of my adult life drawing a line of various degrees of thickness and length on my top lid, it was a must, a finishing touch along with a few lashing of mascara.

Stopping still felt strange, even a second time around, but, I was certainly more aware this time that liner was not working for me. My favourite liner was a liquid pen, it never failed to deliver precision and colour, but, it was hard and even blended out it sat far too sharply along the lashes. For times I do want a little depth above the eye, I use a darker shade of the eyeshadow, or I blend an eyeshadow stick along the lash line and soften it through, just leaving a hint of darkness, but, nothing too obvious.
I have returned to the scene of the crime and applied my noir liner once, and only once, because, I loathed it, after months of looking at my fairly naked lids, the liner looked so obvious and not flattering in the least, I was glad for the evening when I could remove the lot and see the liner dissolve and reappear imprinted on my muslin cloth.

Two things have happened since ditching liner, my routine is slightly quicker, none of that panic when one eye looks perfect and the other looks like a small child have attacked me with a crayon. Secondly, I like my makeup and finished look without it, it's softer and suits me. Have I thrown the liner away, generously passed the new unopened liners to friends, no, oddly, I can't make that cut, I still have one on my dressing table for 'just in case' moments and new ones are squirrelled away, I may come over all Cleopatra and 'need' my liner. 

Ageing is a privilege, and it is, maybe there are changes to be made, makeup is about experimenting and to be fair there is no reason why I can't wear a liner if that's what I want to do, and, I still may at times. Ageing gives the benefit of confidence, making choices and pleasing yourself, no longer worrying about fitting in and looking like fifty other girls, age embraces uniqueness and I am glad to embrace mine, with or without eyeliner. 

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