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Scent & Co - the sweet smell of success each month

Are you loyal to one brand of fragrance, do you like to change your perfume as often as the weather changes? Each of these scenarios can be a positive and negative, it's expensive to change constantly and being loyal can be boring, if you stick to the same fragrance. Also, it's expensive to buy a 30/50/100 ml bottle and not like the fragrance or become bored of it, so, Scent & Co have the perfect answer.

Scent and Co  offer a fragrant subscription service, sign up, pay £14.95 and choose a different fragrance each month, from over 450 premium brands of fragrance, or, you can let the experts choose one for you. Each vial is 10ml and should last you around a month, of course, chances are you'll love it so much you'll be ready and waiting for your next choice. I trusted the safe hands of Scent and Co and let them choose one for me, I received my handbag size spray in the scent MITZAH by Christian Dior, perfectly warming, amber heavy, spicy and 'a me' fragrance.
The 10ml vial fits easily into the sleek atomiser, which I received with my first fragrance, perfect to carry in the smallest of small clutch bags, twist and it closes the spray, twist to open and the vial is removed by lifting it from the casing.

Having browsed, oh how I have browsed the fragrance choices, Hermes, Viktor & Rolf, Tom Ford, Shay and Blue, Prada, Gucci, the list goes on and on, so many of those brands have fragrances I have wanted to try, but, wasn't quite sure they'd work for me, this is the perfect way to try, without having a 30ml bottle that you're not keen on, a 10 ml vial is perfect.
I have often found that my love of heavy, warm and spicy fragrances lead me to the men's area of fragrance, this is an ideal opportunity for me to sample the male offerings, without buying a gigantic bottle.
Also, I am a creature of habit, Scent & Co have pushed my boundaries and shown me new scents, without the commitment of buying a large perfume that will need using for many months, it's the fragrance buffet waiting for you.

Tempted, fancy 15% off your first order with Scent & Co, well, choose your scent and enter this Rougepout exclusive code INSTA15.

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