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Lumene Glow Boost Essence - have you seen the valo?

The essence of this Nordic - C Glow Boost from Lumene lies in its Arctic Cloudberry inclusion, the brand embraces the rich super fruit that is packed with Vitamins A, C and E,  anti-oxidants, plus fatty acids. Let's not forget the Nordic C radiance enhancing and energising technology, well, what's not to tempt you, or me, for that matter?

Lumene, let's talk packaging first, it's clever, it's bright, it's got orange accents and people are quick to see orange as a healthy, positive colour, great for marketing Vitamin C, for instance! 
The bottle is opaque, orange again and has a pipette to make application of the essence measured and easy, cloudberry, vitamin c, spring water, two types of a hyaluronic acid blend to make a potent concentrated skin hydrating product. 
The word essence, to me, that means a gentler, softer version of an oil or serum, this has fluidity, it is very light and absorbs immediately when applied to the skin, anyone familiar with my skincare likes, will know I love anything that leaves a little slip behind after application, I love dewy, however, this I was happy to work with, it's meant as a forerunner to a serum or oil and it really needs to absorb to work as suggested by the brand. 
I didn't distinguish a scent as such, you do kind of expect that hint of orange, the word Vitamin C switches my olfactory senses on, so, I still wait for it, but, it is just a clear fluid, that blends over a cleansed skin and absorbs straight into the skin.

Having used many skincare products over the years, some fall under long-term usage, you see more benefits the longer you use them and I feel this falls under that heading. Initially and continuously I found my skin to be smoother after application, weeks in, my skin looked brighter, the t-zone area and across my cheeks is often where I notice my skin improvements first. As a regular dehydrated skin sufferer, I have some old favourites that always come to my rescue, this actually improved certain areas of subtle dehydrated patches, with time I expect to observe further improvements. 
I liked the simplicity of application, the layering options, it does work with serums and oils, but, it can also be applied and left as the main skincare addition. I use this in both my routines, it works equally well, perfect if you want great skincare benefits but don't like thick, heavy duty consistencies, this is for you, works great under makeup with a moisturiser applied over the top. I do love layering products as part of my evening routine and this often falls into that mode, it works and I do love the soft and smooth texture to work with as I apply other products, or not. 
Lumene, I have seen the Valo (light), and this is delicate, gentle and giver of smooth skin, it is delightful, also helps if you have dehydrated areas like myself. 
My first product from Lumene and I have heard from many who are familiar with this brand that there are more tempting skincare products I should try. I'll stick with this for now and have a catch up with you in a few months, let's see if time makes it a long-term love. 

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