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Carbon Coco - something to get your teeth into!

Teeth, by the skin of, I continue to manage to keep on top of a troublesome jaw, misbehaving gums and numerous teeth issues, just. I remember Emma Thompson speaking about the English and their copious tea drinking causing staining and using a scouring powder to clean them, the American audience laughed till they cried. Carbon CoCo approached me about their charcoal powder and toothpaste products, would I like a whiter smile, well, I am not for the Bee Gees glaring white gnashers, but, I am always curious to find products that may help with my teeth and gum hygiene. Grit your teeth, let me talk Carbon Coco. 

I start this review backwards, yesterday, I visited the dentist, check-up and a part broken tooth that needed fixing, eating Florentines with too much enthusiasm, the cause. I explained about Carbon CoCo and the products I was currently trying, a black charcoal powder, manual toothbrush and then the charcoal toothpaste. My dental history is extensive and my problems have been many, luckily all the prodding, poking and jaw quadrant cleaning has been fairly successful, but, even with my extensive, flossing, interdental brushes and electric toothbrush regime, my gums and plaque buildup just create a few issues. So, once I had a fully functioning tooth again, and the vague promise to avoid chewy, chocolaty biscuits, very vague, my dentist had a good look at my teeth, gums and general plaque situation. The verdict, my oral and gum hygiene was the best she had seen in the four years I have been a patient, the fact that she barely had any plaque to hack away, normally my teeth cleaning takes a little time, but, not this visit, it was literally seconds of that vibrating and ringing in the ears moment, just me then. 

Without wishing to steal from Dame Julie Andrews and her Maria moment in The Sound Of Music, how long is this film I was once asked by a friend, no longer a friend, if you haven't at least attempted to yodel, then you're no friend of mine, or tried to dance your way around a greenhouse in the hope of re-enacting the glass gazebo scene, well, anyway, 'Let's Start At The Very Beginning'...

Carbon CoCo sent me the Activated Charcoal Tooth Polish, a manual brush with bamboo bristles and the activated charcoal toothpaste. 
The tooth polish is a finely milled black powder of organic coconut shell activated charcoal with bentonite powder and lemon myrtle, this chemical free, ph balancing and stain removing product aim to help reduce cavities, whiten teeth and strengthen enamel. My experience was a mix of positives and messy negatives. It is charcoal, it is a fine powder, therefore it makes a mess, the black powder creates a scene in the bathroom sink that Tim Burton would be proud of.
That was my only negative, the mess, so, a little solution, this won't stop all the mess, but, it helps, fill your bathroom sink with water, brush for the advised 2 minutes and then spit the residue out as near to the water as you can, the same when you've used the toothpaste, although the consistency is different and the paste isn't as messy, it is though still black and it shows up. You will have a black tongue and there will be signs of charcoal around the mouth, just wipe away, it is never much. Then look in the mirror, and, well, I was surprised after my first use how clean my teeth looked, I am a regular coffee drinker, every day, although I don't have tremendous staining, I can see that coffee makes its mark, my teeth certainly looked brighter, but, it was my gums and plaque build up I found the biggest change, using the manual toothbrush worked very well for me, it got the product in and around all my gums and teeth, I don't always feel an electronic brush gets deep down, but, that is just my opinion. Even after flossing and using interdental brushes I have plaque, it's how I have always been and just something that I try to stay on top of, Carbon CoCo and the brush took away most of the build-up and especially at the back of my teeth, as I said, my dentist took seconds to clean my teeth rather than the usual minutes of chipping away. The detoxifying properties of the products also help to eliminate bad breath and there is no aftertaste from the charcoal, well, not for me. My worry was that the powder, especially, would be abrasive, this was not the case, it is finely milled and I certainly brushed well, my gums were pink, healthy and my teeth clean and brighter, yes, it does take coffee staining away and teeth look cleaner. If you're interested in the whiter look, then, yes, this does clean the teeth to a whiter finish, but, having healthier gums and teeth were the biggest improvement for me and I couldn't recommend it enough.
This has transformed my hygiene routine, the years of issues with my gums and teeth have been part of my daily life, Carbon CoCo has given me the opportunity to discover something that has clearly changed the health of my mouth, gums and teeth for the better.

Carbon CoCo ship internationally, you can find them here

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