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Lancome Lip Shakers Matte - pout about it!

I have become rather fond of a matte lip again, how long it lasts I can't say, but, for now, I'm rather enjoying the matte pout. This time, Lancome have added to my obsession.

I have tried high-end and high-street options, I find the high street offerings too matte, very drying and many have an unpleasant scent to them. So, expensive it is, although, with the formulation being lighter, not as drying, but, pigmented, I don't use as much product as a creamy lipstick or balm, they work out quite good value.
Lancome tempted me with their matte shakers, which I love and, yet, feel underwhelmed with the applicator, but first, the product.
The lip shakers are packaged like mini cocktail shakers, the colour is in the bottom of the container and the applicator unscrews from the top. The clue of how they work is in the name, you shake and then apply from the dome-shaped tool. The formulation is light, the colour isn't as intense as it appears in the packaging, so, it does need several applications. Because the formulation is very soft, you don't feel the product is too drying, they use silicone oils to ensure you don't have that dry feeling, and the colour's buildability is a plus point, you can go from subtle to intense quite easily. The matte shaker is long lasting, photographs well and doesn't wear off easily, my only issue is the applicator which for my lips was too wide to work the more precise areas of the lip, the cupids bow and inner corners of the mouth, I found the colour looked untidy in those areas, so, a small lip brush is always welcome.

I have two reds, yes, no surprises there and one is a total favourite, Kiss Me CheriƩ, a pink, raspberry red, I love it so much.

For a softer finish, but with impact and staying power, the matte shakers are perfect, there are some nice shade choices, not all of them red, so, you do have options. 
The more I've applied the shakers the easier I have found using the applicator and I love the softness of the finish, but, the cherry red making a statement. Shake, apply and pout. 

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