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SOS of skincare - when you need that little extra skin CARE.

I love my skincare and I have far more products than one face really needs, the obsession never wavers. My routine alters as my skin changes and generally, I have very few problems, but, when I do, what do I reach for in my skincare stash?

My recent issues have been at my own hand, I over exfoliated, my skin became angry and developed high colour patches on both cheeks, plus a lovely mountainous spot that could be seen from space. I don't obsess about these moments of change, especially, when I know I am to blame, but, I still want to care for my skin and soothe it back to its normal state.
Firstly, I pair back my routine, no exfoliant, often no facial oils or serums, just the products I know will care for my skin. For the morning I cleanse with a gel cleanser, use a skin hydra prep product, but this is a step I only do once or twice a week, I like to use Serozinc as I find this soothes my skin and then apply the products set aside to aid my skin, for the evening I double cleanse, leave out the exfoliant, sometimes I will use a skin prep lotion but generally I spritz with La Roche Posay's serozinc and then I apply the products set aside as my skins first aid kit.

Clarins has long been a favourite brand and their Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate for sensitive skins is a band-aid/plaster in a bottle, this 15ml beauty can be used topically on the affected areas and it really soothes my skin, taking down the redness and easing the areas of concern, this I applied first and followed with Eve Lom TLC Cream, another find from years ago that I keep close to hand for those 'just in case' moments, this has no specific healing properties but I find my skin accepts this as a moisturser until I am happy to re-introduce my other creams and lotions. Finally, the gold medal winner in caring for my skin, this never fails to work, it soothes, calms and cools aggravated areas on the face, ideal for sunburn, rosacea, wind burnt and long-haul flight skin, Chantecaille is perfection in the form of their Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask, a creamy consistency that applied as a moisturiser would, can be used topically or over the whole face, I apply this and leave it on over-night, the miracle is revealed by morning, my skin over several days is less angry, calm and I can start introducing some more products.

All the above skincare products can be used alone, but, also they can be applied and blended together, so, the SOS concentrate first, then the TLC cream and finally the Healing Mask.
If I had to pick one, well, every time it would be the Chantecialle Healing Mask, I can't recommend this enough, it is worth the splurge.

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