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Allies of Skin - Overnight Mask,

Allies of Skin, 1A Overnight Mask really impressed me when I tried the tiniest of sachets, it was scraped of every last ounce of product, here's why it's part of my routine.

Allies of Skin has a few select products, the perfect skincare edit, rather than too much and repeating products, they offer effective skincare that gives results. The Overnight Mask I had sampled and totally loved, I held on to my second sample as though it was the golden ticket for me to access the chocolate factory. After every use, I would awaken the next day with bright, smooth and improved skin. If you find heating saps the moisture from your skin and leaves it dehydrated this shields the skin from that and other dehydrating factors, aeroplane cabin air and pollution. This is a fast acting product, yellow in colour with a soft citrus scent, lemons, very uplifting and refreshing. This lightweight mask I apply as my last skincare product for the evening.
Perfectly packaged, this mask comes in a pump dispenser tube, easy to pack and great for dispensing a sensible amount of product. The overnight mask is a powerful blend of ingredients all working to protect, correct and brighten the skin, using Niacinamide, Thiotaine, a form of stabilized retinol - this prevents the irritations that can appear when using retinol inclusive products, hyaluronic acid which keeps skin hydrated is plant based in this skincare product. 
So, what does it do and how does it work in my routine, it reminds me of a certain Midnight Secret product, that suggested you'd look like you'd had a good nights sleep, however, this goes further, not only does my skin look relaxed and brighter by morning, it also looks smoother and cleaner. I also love the simplicity of the product, it can be used during a flight, before an important meeting or event, or, just because, it's been one of those days! 
I remove my makeup as normal, use a facial mist and then a few seconds later I apply a layer of this over my face and down my neck, and that's it. By morning I can always see a better skin, still my skin with pigmentation, lines, but, that little bit brighter and I always find my morning skincare products and makeup perform well after using this mask. 

I've had more samples of the day mask and the brand added cleansers, a sleep facial, a day mask and cream, so, there are few more items to tempt me. 
Allies of skin offer investment skincare.

The Allies Of Skin Range is available at Cult Beauty (just click)

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