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JoJo Siwa Detangler Brush - one for the kids, or, maybe not?

Firstly, I have no idea who JoJo Siwa is, my only knowledge of the name is my neighbours' granddaughter, six, who talks about her lovely interests, Peter Rabbit, Pink and JoJo. So, this Nickelodeon star is immense and has brought out this 2 in 1 hair detangler and styling brush. The thoughts and review are that of a six-year-old.

The packaging is lovely, eye-catching and for children, it's so important they see the person actually looking back at them. JoJo features on the front of the brush which is also adorned with rainbows and stars, another positive when you're six.
The brush from the adult perspective (parent) is lightweight, easy to carry and the clever design has two brushes, that can be flipped from the detangle side to the styling section (don't use with heated tools). It is easy to keep clean and the best part, no tantrums when brushing the hair, knots aren't a problem and the smoothness of the brush leaves hair soft and smooth.
From the six-year-old perspective, it's pretty, has rainbows, feels nice, fits into the girlie handbag and makes hair like that of a princess, I am told that this is extremely important, apparently if you wear twirly skirts, then you need your hair to be smooth and long like a princess and this brush is a princess hairbrush.

My thoughts, it's the perfect brush for children, colourful, light-weight, I love the flip idea, and, actually can see adults finding this useful too.
The perfect accompaniment for your hair after swimming, a day on the beach and even after washing hair, the teeth are soft enough not to drag and scratch the scalp but have enough grip to smooth through and detangle without snagging any knots. The rotating system gives a nice little hiding place for hair ties, bobbles etc, all children love little hiding places.
So, I may not be up on my Nickelodeon people, but, I know a pretty and useful brush when I see one.

The greatest joy was the delight on the face of the six-year-old.

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