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Holistic Green Beauty - the cleanser that has its just desserts.

Two things I really love are cleansers and chocolate, so, when Holistic Green Beauty asked if I'd like to try their cleanser I was thrilled, then they mentioned it was a chocolate cleanser, well, I parked myself near the letterbox and waited!

Before anything else, this is the dessert of the skincare world, it arrives with a spatula, that unleashes the sweet, warm, cacoa, coconut and almond scent as you delve into this caramel coloured balm.

Substantial packaging, a proper glass jar, dark in hue to protect the contents, which are a fairly hard balm, but it does soften when warmed in the hands. For the hot weather store it in the fridge, but, label it, seriously, someone could quite easily take a spoon to it and scoff the lot without even knowing it's the most decadent skincare.

Holistic Green Beauty use the highest standard organic, raw and wild-crafted ingredients offering the consumer luxurious skincare products and this cleanser is packed with butter's, seed oils and extracts that make this such an indulgent cleanser. Using Cacao seed butter, sunflower, almond seed oils, orange flower water, rosehip fruit oil, rosemary, avocado oil, acai fruit oil and green tea leaf extract, well, you get the idea, this intensely rich balm cleanses, regulates oil production, fights impurities and helps to calm redness.
For me, the warmth and sweetness of the scent is comforting, I used it as a first cleanse and as the balm melts it lifts away the makeup of the day, but, this is too good for a first cleanse, this is luxury and I use it as a second cleanse, really blending it over my skin and massaging it in, I work it over the whole face and down my neck, taking in the rich chocolate scent. Adding water emulsifies the cleanser into a glorious chocolate milk and it removes easily leaving smooth dewy skin that feels super clean without any dryness. The cleanser comes with its own organic muslin cloth, so, no excuses, get clothing.

Holistic Green Beauty have a cleanser that is created with thought and care, cleansing the skin with beautiful ingredients, but, the whole package has been thought about, the heavy glass jar with gold detail,  the warm succulent scent, it is a journey for all the senses which culminates in dewy and clean skin, certainly skincare products that follow have a great building block after this cleanser has been used.

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