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Only Skin Deep - skin issues

I have been lucky with my skin, generally, through the years I've had the hormonal volcanos erupt on my face, the odd pimple and occasional breakouts that I can always link to stress. But, nothing too terrible to deal with, recently I created a problem for myself, but, I also feel I may be heading down the mid-life Rosacea road, what joy.
So, I definitely over-exfoliated, my own fault, I just went crazy and then I threw Retinol on as well, not every night, but, I didn't take my usual care with my routine.

Not taking time to review my skincare is not like me, I had a lot going on and the older I get the less I like my life, routine and general quietness disturbed, it throws out my life balance. I had two reddish cheeks, little bumps on my forehead and nose, visible thread veins and the general ruddy-cheeked look of a regular brandy drinker.  I put away my acid exfoliants, retinol and picked my way through my skincare hoard, returning to old favourites, rather than newness, that I tried for the first few days and it did nothing. So, what came to rescue, calmed the situation and has actually taken my skin back to it's, almost, normal state?

A lesson has definitely been learned, all the products have been in and out of my skincare routine for over 20 years, forget the newbies, and I tried a few, it was the Rat Pack of my skincare stash that saved the day and proved why I keep going back.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, a delicate serum that can be applied am and pm, it has a loyal following since its launch. Over the years I have used it religiously and then moved on to something else, this time, it was a day and I saw my skin soothed, calm and the redness gone.

Clarins, one of my favourite brands for facial oils and I have loved the Lotus and Blue Orchid oil, it was the latter, softly blended into the skin over the ANR that has been part of the regime to heal my skin. A sunshine yellow oil that blends into the skin, leaving softness and working on the problem areas, blue orchid has been developed for dehydrated skin and lotus is for combination skin.

There have been two skin saviours for moisturising my skin, one contains Blue Tansy, which I have always loved for my skin, May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon is the melt in your hand blue balm that can be used in multiple ways, I generally use it in my evening routine as the final product, this really eased my redness, noticeably. Light-weight, beautifully scented, gentle and effective, I know it's an expensive product, but, it works for me and therefore it is worth every penny.

Estee Lauder makes an appearance again this time with the Re-Nutriv range, the Replenishing Comfort Creme, I was given a sample many a year ago by an Estee Lauder colleague, when I trod the concrete floor of a beauty department, I was hooked, it is rich, creamy, gives skin it's glow back and I have found it very soothing for my skin issues this time.

Chantecaille, I often mention this mask, the Healing Jasmine & Lily jar is the skincare version of a cuddle for the skin. Creamy, soft and beautifully cooling on the skin, I can't express how fabulous this mask has been for my skin and especially recently, it's eased, cooled and soothed, I apply it alone to the skin after cleansing or to seal in the products mentioned as a final step and slept in.

What skincare edit can be complete without Elizabeth Arden and the iconic Eight Hour Cream, developed by the lady herself to treat her horses. A peach coloured gel consistency, this is first aid for skin, soothing for burns, bites and abrasions, perfect for dry elbows, knees, cuticles and nails. I alternated this with the Blue Cocoon, both are essential for me.

As my skin returns to me, I am conscious how easily I move from one item to another, how quickly I jump on the must exfoliate, must use Retinol bandwagon, which generally has never quite impressed, I have always felt more enthusiastic when I have used a facial or serum and certainly seen my skin change for the better.
My biggest annoyance of all was I neglected to photograph my erupting face, thinking it would soon be gone, when it hadn't I was into the alchemy of fixing it, that selfies were the last thing on my mind, and, I'm supposed to be a blogger!
Will this episode stop me trying new products, no, don't be daft, but, it will remind me that sometimes what I already know and have used for years works for me, and to be happy with my skincare, well, until a new cleanser comes along.

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