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Smashbox - smashing lip colour

Suddenly, quite suddenly I have fallen for matte lip products, again. Just something about the power of colour that sits without a glimmer of a sheen or the shine has really appealed to me and add to that one that has longevity, even after consuming large amounts of coffee. Smashbox has me hooked with its vast array of the Always On range.

Smashbox gave me faith in matte lips again, the colder months had left my lips dry and certainly not in the best condition for a dried down strong matte lip colour, however, Always On Liquid Lipstick, allowed me to embrace my current lip product obsession with vigour. Then I discovered the Alway On Metallic Matte rouge and I was hooked.
Both the liquid and metallic range have a perfect application tool in the pointed doe foot applicator, filling and lining the lips with ease, although a matte finish formulation, the consistency doesn't feel dry on the lips, this is helped with the inclusion of jojoba, sunflower and apricot oil. The colours are pigmented and one application gives the perfect finish, with the promise of an 8 hours power pout, well, they certainly last and I can imagine if you don't eat or drink, then yes, they are made to last, in reality, eating and drinking does wear the product down but, it was several drinks and a couple of snacks later before my lip colour faded, I've found they fade from the centre of the lips outwards.

I do love my colour and feel completely comfortable wearing a strong red or dark shade, however, I appreciate it's not for everyone, Smashbox does have a good selection of shades for all lipstick lovers. Time to share a couple of my favourites with you, the first I had so many compliments and questions about, the colour Baja Bound, a pink with a coral undertone certainly had many suggesting they would be online and buying.
I applied directly with the applicator, there was no liner or base product, my lips are quite dark and with a blue tone, so, the shade will be different on different people.

Next Throwback Jam, which purpleness had me stepping out of my comfort zone, because of my blue toned lips, purple can be tricky for me to wear, luckily, this had a warm pink hue through the colour and I love it. 

I was lucky enough to receive a free Alway On Liquid lipstick* when I obsessively had to buy more, not a colour I would have chosen, but, Fair Game, may be the answer to my lack of neutral lip options.

Bawse was my first ever choice, a blue red, there is little else to be said, it is perfection, always. 

The metallic Always On Metallic Matte Rouge came next, something with the finish I love, but, these have a depth to them and more layers, by that I mean they are not a flat colour. 

I chose Vino Noir, adding to my love of deathly dark lip colours and then a red, in the guise of Maneater, which I love even more now I've seen the lip colour on. 

Smashbox, I feel are often overlooked, there are so many brands out there that we forget some that have been around for enough time and have some amazing products. This lip range gives the best results for a matte lip range that I have used, yes, the high street has similar options, but, nothing that quite feels as soft when completely matte. When it's good, I just can't help myself and I now feel that 6 of these beauties is enough for me and my lips to be going with, well, maybe for now. 
Removing the lip colour is fairly easy, eye makeup remover works a treat, as do balm cleansers, lips never feel dry after the lip product has gone, which can happen with other matte products. I would suggest that the best your lip condition and texture can be will certainly show these colours off a treat, I find applying a good lip balm each evening and morning works for me. 

For lip addict beauties, this the range that is Always On, literally. 

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