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Vee Beauty LDN Hair & Scalp Treatment

Vee Beauty LDN has already cleansed their way into my life and skincare routine, so, can they give me Rapunzel locks with their Hair & Scalp Nourishing Treatment?

Anything that houses an oil and a pipette starts in my good books, a product that makes caring for my hair easy and a pleasure, well, I embrace. Vee Beauty LDN has this nourishing oil, which aims to promote hair growth, protect, cleanse and improve the scalp and hair.

Hair oils replenish and protect the hair, improving the strength and providing a protective layer between washes, with the addition of protection from UV, pollution and the general grit and grime from everyday life. Applying oils also gets the blood flowing, great for damaged hair, also, I don't have such a sensitive scalp with regular use. I apply the oil into my palms and then start at my scalp and work the product through to the ends of my hair, I use circular motions and love the relaxed feeling, my head tingles in a great way after I have finished.  My routine had been once a week, I applied the oil to dry hair and slept with my hair tied up and then I washed it the following morning, however, the dog is obsessed with the scent of this olive, avocado, castor, grapeseed, rosemary, cedarwood, hemp seed, black seed, jojoba, argan and peppermint oil treatment.
My evening of trying to settle was almost impossible from the constant hair sniffing from Betty the Bulldog, I also found the peppery warm scent very invigorating, it really was uplifting and stimulating, so, I have now moved it to, still once a week, but, I apply to my dry hair in the morning and tie my hair up. Generally, a chore day is a perfect time, I get my housework done and then step into the shower and wash my hair and come out all fresh. My hair has been in good condition, but, it's my scalp that has been noticeable in its improvement, no longer as itchy, certainly eczema I suffer from along my hairline hasn't been as prevalent and the general condition of my hair is healthier, fresher and not as drab or dull looking, the texture is also smoother.

I have chosen to use this as a mask for my hair, but, it can be adapted to your routine and hair needs. The Hair & Scalp Nourishing Oil can be used on wet or dry hair. Great to calm frizz, ideal for that final smoothing finish to the ends of the hair, perfect to work through the hair after washing,  and for me one of the best products I've used for scalp care.

As I have found with Vee Beauty LDN and their cleanser, you know, the one where I needed a considerably bigger tin! (great news, it's in the pipeline)
Well, I really would love a larger bottle of this hair concoction, it is 30ml, but imagine 50ml, even 100ml, all that scalp and hair magic at your fingertips. It's always a good thing when I am trying a product and imagine how great a larger size would be, yes, it's been a lovely addition to my haircare routine, which, is basically not even a routine, I tend to wash and go, but, good products make me want to take more time and understand and see the benefits. 
This has been the care my scalp needed, and I love the scent so much, it really lifts me and my hair to a brighter and more positive level. 

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