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Tied in bows with BOWE Lash Oil

 Lashes, many of us coat them with 'lashings' of mascara, but, have we thought about caring for them? Well, Bowe Organics have this lash oil which could be the answer to healthy hydrated lashes.

Bowe is the creation of hairdresser and name giver to the brand, Diane Bowe. Her organic journey began when she started using organic colours and products within her job. With an interest in creating products without the damaging toxic ingredients, she studied, investigated and taught herself about organic beauty and used this knowledge to create an organic, effective brand and products that use botanical ingredients.
Bowe Lash Oil was shortlisted for the 2018 Free From Skincare Awards.

The Bowe Lash Oil contains organic castor oil, Vitamin E, Rosehip and Jojoba oils. Using the pipette, I place a couple of drops on my fingertips (recommended method), and massage onto my lashes. I find the last thing at night the best time, the consistency of the oil clings to the lashes, leaving them soft. 
With extended use, the oil not only conditions the lashes, and mine are super soft, it can also encourage growth, castor oil has often been 'the' ingredient when encouraging lash growth. My lashes are quite long already, I didn't notice any growth, but, the condition was noticeable, they were softer and thereby not clinging together, applying mascara really accentuated the quality and health of my lashes.
There are many costly lash remedies on the beauty shelves today, sometimes the old-fashioned ingredients are the answer and I feel this gives results and as lovely conditioned lashes to those achieved from the high-end products, I have used the expensive lash products, they were PR, they worked, but, this gives as good results in my opinion.  

Bowe, not just a pretty name, a pretty product that will have your lashes fluttering for all the right reasons.

Bowe is available from the online store here 
or from
Love Lula here 

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